Call for Papers: ICA Post Conference 2024

The International Communication Association (ICA) will be hosting its annual Post Conference at the University Sydney, on the topic of digital sovereignty.  …

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Good Governance: Emerging themes from the Policy & Internet Conference, 2023

The conference brought together leading local and international scholars and practitioners from the fields of communication, political and computational sciences and law …

Policy & Internet Conference 2023: Policy innovation for inclusive internet governance

Together, scholars and policymakers will discuss current practices, alternative designs and the ‘unknowns’ that are required for inclusive internet governance …

Call for Papers: Policy & Internet Conference 2023

Today, internet policy must confront issues relating to embedded interests, monopoly power, geopolitics, colonisation, warfare, automation, the environment, misinformation, safety, security and more …
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P&I Special Issue 2023 Call for Paper – Datafication. Platformisation. Metaverse. Global Internet Policy or a Fractured Communication Future?

Within our current online and hyper-connected lives, is it possible to have such a thing as global internet policy? …

Policy & Internet Conference 2022: Datafication. Platformisation. Metaverse. The state of global internet policy

Examining how the current developments within digital media spaces has a regulatory impact …
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Special Issue Call for Papers – The Regulation Turn?

Do these technologies offer ease of connectivity, or do they have the potential to be weaponised and misappropriated to further political agendas? …

Call for Papers: Government, Industry, Civil Society Responses to Online Extremism

Mapping and evaluating emerging public-private partnerships, technologies, and responses to online extremism …

The “IPP2012: Big Data, Big Challenges” conference explores the new research frontiers opened up by big data as well as its limitations

Big data generation and analysis requires expertise and skills which can be a particular challenge to governmental organisations …