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Policy & Internet (P&I) calls for papers reporting on innovative, high quality research addressing the changing relationship between public policy, the Internet and related technologies. A significant proportion of economic, social and political life now takes place online, bringing new practices, norms and structures, and challenging existing models of policy-making. This shift has major implications for public policy in areas such as working life, the economy, healthcare, transport, development, law and justice, democracy, and security—as well as for citizen-government relations, and how the internet itself is governed. Fully multidisciplinary in scope, Policy & Internet aims to fill a gap in policy knowledge and research by addressing public policy issues in all sectors, and at all levels of government.

Expression of Interest: Special Issues

Policy & Internet is accepting Expressions of Interest for future special issues relating to policies that influence, or are shaped by, the era of increased digitalisation. For those interested in editing a special issue, please click the ‘Submit EOI’ button and fill out the form.

Please note that we seek Special Issues for Volume 17:4 and onwards, released in mid-2025.

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The final panel for the 2023 @policyinternet conference and we have three of the most impressive scholars I know bringing it home. @olgarithmic @aimsinpeng @jograycy7. #PI2023

Now @policyinternet conference: Digital hostility, policy, and social change Chair: Professor Catharine Lumby, The University of Sydney.

Panellists: Professor Rob Cover (RMIT), Dr Jennifer Beckett (University of Melbourne), Dr Daniel Jay Thompson (RMIT).

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